undiscovered chiang mai

I love that there is so many Undiscovered Chiang Mai places. “Nestled in the area of Mae Wang heavily forested region of Northern Thailand. Wat Doi Sapphanyu is a stunning Buddhist temple renowned for its impressive architecture and breathtaking views. From the observation deck it’s not really a place many have ventured but only a 45 Minute drive from Chiang Mai.

undiscovered chiang mai

I have taken several trips out to this stunning location and the shot above was one of my favorite drone shot’s which I took with my Mavic Air 2s. This is such a brilliant spot to visit for an early morning sun rise or even an early evening sunset with the stunning lush landscape around.

undiscovered chiang mai

Also for any coffee lovers out there make sure you take a stop off at this cool little cafe for a nice coffee.

T Sky Cafe

I Really hope you get to enjoy this day out.

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The food in Chiang Mai is delicious, with a variety of local dishes and international cuisine to choose from. The people of Chiang Mai are friendly and welcoming and a reason I call it home. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy in Chiang Mai, including hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and more.

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